Yes We Code 25: Why The Tech Diversity Conversation Needs A New Narrative

Yes We Code 25: Why The Tech Diversity Conversation Needs A New Narrative

#YesWeCode chat #25: Why The Tech Diversity Conversation Needs A New Narrative
Sunday 8/9/15

Two recent events influenced this Yes We Code chat topic. Last weekend was James Baldwin’s birthday and I celebrated by writing about the lessons I learned from him, and his take on how to go after what you want and actually get it. In his historic “Rap on Race” conversation with Margaret Mead, he talks about how he needed to “change the narrative” of what was expected for his life in order to change his life.

During #YesWeCode chat #24, we discussed the assumption/expectation of minority startup founders to create businesses focused on social good. While that wasn’t every founders experience and we didn’t come up with an answer, we did conclude that maybe we need to rethink how we view the following conversations within the tech diversity:

  •  Social good can also be profitable.
  • Minority entrepreneurs can create companies that are profitable.
  • The solution towards more tech diversity isn’t about one solution, but addressing the whole pipeline.

What if the way to really achieve tech diversity is to change the internal and external narratives we tell ourselves about what that means and what it will take? What if in order to engage this topic we need to know and understand the real underlying issues and concerns?What if we refuse to accept that lack of minority CS majors is at the heart of the lack of diversity in tech? What if we choose to rethink the expectations and assumptions we put on ourselves? What if, in the end, we need to “change the narrative” we’ve either created or accepted about what’s possible in the greater tech diversity conversation.
This Sunday, we’ll talk about this and more.

Questions to think about:
1. Is there a consistent tech diversity narrative?
2. What does it say?
3. What assumptions about tech diversity impact how you see yourself and your work?
4. If there are many tech diversity narratives, which ones do you think we need to change? Why?
5. How can we create a new narrative that includes the needs of youth, entrepreneurs and tech startup entrepreneurs?

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#Yeswecode chat #13: So you built a great tech product, now what?

#Yeswecode chat #13: So you built a great tech product, now what?

#YesWeCode Chat #13
Sunday January 25th, 2014

During this chat we’ll discuss how to go building a great tech product to figuring out what’s next. Maybe you’re next step is to start building a company or to find out if your idea brings value to your users via user testing. Either way, the goal of this chat is to help you find answers

Building a tech startup is about more than the great product you’ve created. Maybe you’ve created a new social network or photo sharing app. What’s next? From best practices to how to get noticed online, #YesWeCode chat #13 is about getting you to the next level through information, education and conversation.

  • During this chat, we’ll discuss the following questions:
  • After building your tech product, what’s the best way to get it out there to customers?
  • What best practices are important to help you go from great idea to a startup company?
  • What are some baseline things you should know (funding v. bootstrapping, accelerators, choice of technology, etc) when creating a startup?
  • How can you/your startup look and be legit?

And more!

Join us on Sunday 12/28/14 at 8pmCT.

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* Change of time: The chat is usually at 8pm CT, but has been changed to 9pm CT for this one chat.