A renowned poet, author, speaker and tech entrepreneur with global connections from Nigeria to Mexico, Uchechi travels the globe sharing her passion for the intersection between resilience and creative work. 


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An award nominated poet, entrepreneur, web designer and CEO with geographic connections from Nigeria to Mexico, Uchechi Kalu has become a strong voice in the community of global African writers and entrepreneurs.  She studied creative writing at UC Berkeley, where she was mentored by the late poet June Jordan. In 2017, she gave her first TEDx talk on the power of nuance, and continues to speak at conferences and literary events.  She is currently the CEO of Linking Arts, a software design agency specializing in an integrative approach to web design and marketing.


Uchechi Kalu Jacobson: Poet, Entrepreneur, UX Designer









Web Design Client

The writer’s website that Uchechi Kalu of Linking Arts designed for me is not only easy to read, well-organized, and easy to navigate—unlike many websites I have seen—it is beautifully designed.  The graphics, the fonts, the photographs were chosen with care and sensitivity. I asked for “elegant but simple” and that’s exactly what I received! And if I want to make changes, I always receive a response right away. Linking Arts has a wealth of technology knowledge as well as true artistic vision and caring connection with their clients.

Judy Bebelaar

Web Design Client

I had the pleasure of working with Uchechi and Peter at linking arts a few months back. The name of the company is aptly suitable for the kind of work Peter and Uchechi do, they are the linking factor and in my opinion, they are goldsmiths who with their talent make everyone shine like gold, in appearance and in value they give you a product that is well worth a million bucks. I am thankful to my stars to have crossed paths with them.  I look forward to working on other projects with them.

Muza Andraadi

Poetry Testimonial

Uchechi Kalu definitely succeeds in exemplifying the definition of a poet offered by the famous Sufi poet Hafiz, as “someone who can pour light into a spoon, then raise it to nourish our beautiful parched mouths.

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Performance Testimonial

All I can say is wow! Think poetry reading meets the energy of a rock concert.


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