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want to amplify your business without losing your soul?


My job Creative  IMPACT

I’m on a mission to help you rediscover your voice, know its value and use it to amplify your story and grow your business.   I do this via business coaching and customized branding and digital strategy.

Let’s find your story and grow your creative career.

Branding & Business Coaching Package For Creatives



Creative Career Coaching

Trying to grow your business but not sure where to start? Afraid of stepping out there and showing up on social media to promote your business? I can relate. I’ve been there. During our coaching sessions, we’ll work together to address whatever is getting in your way, and create a strategy that works for you.


Personal + Professional Branding

Do you know what you stand for? The word “design” comes from the root word “sign.” This phase of the process uncovers who you really are, what you stand for (and don’t stand for) to help you tell a more powerful story.


Customized Digital Strategy

Once you understand what’s stopping you from reaching your goals, and you have a clear story to tell, you can get out there and connect with your audience.  This part of the process focuses on growth goals, clear strategy and understanding your client’s needs.

This is for you if you want to………..

Rediscover Your Voice

Are you feeling stuck or lost and unsure about how to show up authentically both on and offline?  I’ve been in your shoes. What if I told you that you never lost your voice? What if I told you that it has always been there, but sometimes we bury it as a response to fear, life circumstances, and loss?  It is never lost. It is there, waiting for you to uncover it.

Understand Its Value & Purpose

This is for you if you feel like your voice does not matter. This is for you if you think your work is too insignificant in the world. I believe your voice is the best tool to tell your story.  Together, we’ll work to uncover your story and help you understand how your creative narrative can help you grow your career.

Use it to amplify your story and grow your creative career.

Are you afraid of showing your true self both on and offline?  I understand the fear. I have lived there before. I still live there, and I coach myself each and every day.  The fear never disappears, but here’s what does happen: It grows quieter as your reason for stepping into your purpose grows louder. 

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Uchechi was fantastic about helping me define my business goals, which is something I hadn’t realized I was so hazy on beforehand.I feel more confident about my messaging and the way I handle social media as a result of the clarity she helped me find. I feel so much better equipped to grow my business now, and thanks to her it will be much easier for those prospective clients to find me!!!

Chris Wojdak, Owner @ Chris Wojdak Photography

Uchechi's counsel allowed me to think differently about how I position myself in the world as an artist and entrepreneur. I've struggled with the messiness of not feeling that my brand could fit neatly in a template. Newsflash, it's not supposed to - and THAT'S my unique value proposition. Working with Uchechi helped me make that realization. I feel a level of clarity as a creative professional that I didn't before.

Dani Frink Artist & Owner @ Pen & Frink

We use Uchechi's social media guide as our bible!

Where Y’Art,

I had no idea it could be this great! I had no idea it would be such a multidimensional experience that also included personal and professional growth. Your presence serves as an invaluable support and affirmation as I take the risk of going in a new direction professionally. There is a sense and spirit of collaboration, and I am left feeling honored, respected, and advocated for.  

Wilka Roig, Transpersonal Psychologist at

You did not only a great job but a beautiful visually and inspiring one! My aide will be back on the 12th. I sent her your audit so she can be thinking about how to implement it, as will I! I love the way you wove in lines from the book and my poetry. I learned something about my own writing!

Judy Bebelaar

Your workshop was perfect for me! I now feel ready to network.

-Nancy F, Artist @WhereY’Art

Let’s Start a Conversation

Uchechi Kalu is a multidisciplinary artist, poet and business coach for creative women. She combines the power of branding, digital strategy and coaching to help creative women become more confident and grow their businesses. She has been mentioned in Forbes, Linkedin, and TEDx. She writes about how to become a more confident and resilient creative at