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ABOUT - Uchechi Kalu

uchechi kalu


Hi, I'm Uchechi

If you can change the narrative, you can change your destiny.

The late writer James Baldwin said these powerful words, which describe my perspective on life and the foundation of the work that I do.

I started my creative journey as a poet. I studied with the late poet June Jordan, and since then I’ve been obsessed with all the ways language can make or break our experiences.

Poetry led me to the tech world, where I served as a web designer and tech entrepreneur. While working with my web design clients, I noticed that each client had so many untrue narratives surrounding their brand story.

I wanted to change that.

So, I started coaching them. And that brought me here.

I now help creative people find their voice, understand its value so they can use it to amplify their story and grow their business.


Creative Beliefs

Ready to become more resilient in your creative work?  Here are a list of creative beliefs that support me (and my clients) on the journey.

1. True confidence comes from becoming your best confidante.

You can only become more confident when you become your best confidante. Confide in yourself. Tell yourself the truth about your flaws and your greatness. Then, have your back each and every time.

2. Focus on the people who need your work.

There will be people who love your work and people who hate your work. There will also be those people who need your work, and that includes you. Focus on the people who need your work and everything else will work.



3. Your failures are the ancestors of your future success.

The came before you. Each failure “ancestored” this moment of success. Learn from them. Honor them. You do not have to like them or agree with them. But acknowledge that without them you would not be here.

Creative Ancestors

We all come from blood ancestry, but our creative lineage is shaped by the creative people whose work disrupted our imagination.  Some of them mentored me in person. Some of them helped build my childhood mind as their words leaped off the page and opened me to the possibilities of what I could do with my life. I am grateful for all of them.  My creativity is descended from them.

Uchechi Kalu is a multidisciplinary artist, poet and business coach for creative women. She combines the power of branding, digital strategy and coaching to help creative women become more confident and grow their businesses. She has been mentioned in Forbes, Linkedin, and TEDx. She writes about how to become a more confident and resilient creative at