#YesWeCode Chat #13
Sunday January 25th, 2014

During this chat we’ll discuss how to go building a great tech product to figuring out what’s next. Maybe you’re next step is to start building a company or to find out if your idea brings value to your users via user testing. Either way, the goal of this chat is to help you find answers

Building a tech startup is about more than the great product you’ve created. Maybe you’ve created a new social network or photo sharing app. What’s next? From best practices to how to get noticed online, #YesWeCode chat #13 is about getting you to the next level through information, education and conversation.

  • During this chat, we’ll discuss the following questions:
  • After building your tech product, what’s the best way to get it out there to customers?
  • What best practices are important to help you go from great idea to a startup company?
  • What are some baseline things you should know (funding v. bootstrapping, accelerators, choice of technology, etc) when creating a startup?
  • How can you/your startup look and be legit?

And more!

Join us on Sunday 12/28/14 at 8pmCT.

For more info on how to participate, check out the chat guidelines.

Thanks and see you soon!



* Change of time: The chat is usually at 8pm CT, but has been changed to 9pm CT for this one chat.

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