If you found your way to this page, you’re probably wondering why the topic for this chat seems identical to the last topic. Well, it is. I really believe global user experience is part of the future of tech innovation and will impact who we design for and how we design great products.

During the last chat, the attendance was pretty low. I get it! Everyone is really busy, and sometimes can’t make it. That’s why we’re revisiting the conversation. Thank you to everyone who messaged me on Twitter to let me know that you’re sorry you missed it and that you’d be answering the questions anyway. I want to give all of us another opportunity to delve into this rich, complex and topic.

I could post the same blog post from the last chat, but I thought I’d just share the link from the last chat and let you find out more about it from there.

I’m so looking forward to seeing all of you on Sunday!

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