Yes We Code chat 23: How To Be Yourself Online
Sunday 7/12/15 at 6pmPT/8pmCT
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Last month was quite a month in history.  It was definitely an emotional roller coaster. We went from the sadness and despair of the Charleston shooting to the joy of celebrating the right of all people to be legally married in the United States.

With all of the events happening, I’ve started talking to people I know about how we express/don’t express ourselves on social media when a major event happens and affects us all.

Did you have certain reactions to Charleston, but said nothing on Twitter because you weren’t sure if it was okay to express yourself? Did you feel like even though the world was changing in devastating ways, you’d be judged if you voiced what you really wanted to say? And that it might come back to haunt you?

During the next #yeswecode chat we’ll discuss what it means to have a voice, how to share it with others and how to balance sharing great content that is both public and private.

Questions to think about:

  1. Do you feel your social media presence should be different from our real life?
  2. How so?
  3. How do we be “real” in our social media presence in light of events like Charleston.
  4. What does being “real” in your social media presence meant to you?
  5. Do we have a responsibility to share our views/perspective?

See you on Sunday! Is this your first #yeswecode chat? Check out the guidelines to help you make the most of it.

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