During this chat we’ll  discuss how to go from being a code/tech newbie to landing a job or taking things to the next level.

So, you learned to code but maybe you don’t know what comes next. Becoming a web developer is about the tools you use, the connections you make, the clients you engage with and building a supportive community.

During this chat, we’ll discuss the following questions:

  • After learning to code, what’s the best way to get a job in tech?
  • How can I go from a newbie in tech to a junior or senior level person?
  • What’s my online presence got to do with finding a tech related job?
  • Are there smarter (and faster) ways to go from being a newbie to a junior or senior developer?
  • What are some great online tools I should be using?

And more!


Join us on Sunday 12/28/14 at 8pmCT.

For more info on how to participate, check out the chat guidelines.


Thanks and see you soon!


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