we will not be these women for too long
take a picture of the you now
she told me
let us learn to love who we are
signs of laughter appearing at the doorstep of your eyes
you poured yourself a generous blend of a California red
sturdy, pulled from ripe grapes
ready to be tasted
you sat there with friends
cried yourself to adulthood in their presence
you got the right bra size
finally measured at the department store for the first time
you recognize dimpled skin
returning to the delicate balance of childhood
it was you turning 22 turning 28 and then 30
when you were there again
with that generous yet sturdy glass
raised now
to the beauty of this woman
knowing we will not be these women for too long
drink it in
look at your butt a bit longer after pulling the colored denim over
marvel at the kindness of skin
so forgiving in places beyond our understanding
take that photo of that girl
post it up
live her just this once
live her
she’s got it
just this once
offer her to the world

© Uchechi Kalu 2014

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