Yes We Code chat 26: Startups, Company Culture & Diverse Teams

Yes We Code chat 26: Startups, Company Culture & Diverse Teams

When it comes to building and sustaining a company, culture is key. From startups like Amazon to Airbnb, startup culture conversations are at the center of current conversations.

Discussing startup culture might be a key part of engaging the issue of tech diversity.

Recently, President Obama hosted the first ever Demo Day at The White House. This event generated a conversation around tech diversity and the lack of it as a cultural issue. Regardless of what you believe on this topic, company culture does shape what is accepted and acknowledged as appropriate within a tech company.

I think it’s really important to ask ourselves about the cultures we’re trying to create and what roles we as founders play in supporting or dismantling certain assumptions and behaviors within our companies.

How does the culture we create impact the future of our companies? Does it matter? How do we make room for all of us? The single mothers, the full time parents/techies and everyone and anyone who might not be seen as a cultural fit in an industry that lacks diversity in almost every way.

Join us for the next #yeswecode chat to discuss startups, company culture and the tech culture we’re trying to create.

Questions to think about:

  1. How do we make diversity part of our company culture/DNA  from the beginning?
  2. Which company culture elements are most important to you.? Why?
  3. Do startups founders have a responsibility to positively shape company culture from the beginning?
  4. What tips would you give to company founders about creating inclusive culture?
  5. How do we expand the conversation about startup culture to include everyone?

See you there!

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