Yes We Code Chat 34: How To Know If You Really Need A Mobile App

Yes We Code Chat 34: How To Know If You Really Need A Mobile App

Sunday 1/3/16 at 8pmCT
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Happy New Year and welcome to 2016! The new year gets me thinking about how to take my tech startup to the next level, and for months we’ve been talking about creating a wedOcracy mobile app.

Since launching in 2013, we’ve relied on the web based application but we’re starting to ask ourselves some serious questions (again) about mobile now that we have some funds to start building.

I believe in mobile first, and it’s a great way to optimize the user experience on desktop or mobile devices. It’s easy to think a mobile app will solve all your startup setbacks and usability issues. But will it really?

As the owners of a web development company, we’ve consulted with startups who’ve come to us believing that their first and foremost need was a mobile app. As often as not we end up working with them to find solutions that bring in more customers, optimize their social media presence and help them grow their business without building the app just yet (and without spending that large amount of cash).

As a founder, you don’t often have the capital to build something only to realize it doesn’t serve your users down the line. Maximizing time and money are essential, and so is knowing when to build your mobile product and when to hold off until you’re ready.

Questions to think about:

  1. How do you know if your idea needs a mobile app?
  2. Have you built a startup mobile app before? What was the process like? Did you have the capital to do it?
  3. Did you wonder if building your startup mobile app was the best choice for your company and product?
  4. How did you know where to start?
  5. What lessons did you learn about mobile app development for your startup?