National Poetry Writing Month - Poem by Uchechi Kalunow more than ever
what she says matters
now more than ever a lifting of the veil
and telling “supposed tos” to get the hell out of sight
seems just right
i do not want another woman
to lose
her voice

i do not want another woman to believe in everything
except herself
I do not want what first starts as nail biting and picking
acne to turn into saying nothing

sitting in the back of the class

letting someone else speak up about her idea and take the credit

i do not want her to belong to the history books no one writes
the shoulda coulda woulda

the unexemplary life that was dulled by someone else always choosing for her

i want her to live
knowing that her voice
may have meant nothing to those who would rather see her
remain silent
but it was valued as precious
to her

is the time
more than ever
to blossom into becoming the woman you do
see in the mirror
but are afraid to actually greet