No One Owes You Anything, But You Deserve Everything

No one owes your startup VC funding.

No one owes you a meeting. No one owes you a dinner date to talk about your brilliant idea.

No one has to cancel one meeting to schedule another one with you.

No one has to give you anything. It’s not anyones job.

No one owes you food, a roof over your head. No one owes you a win, a confirmation that your startup idea is a good one.

But, you deserve everything.

You deserve to talk about your idea as much as you want.

You deserve to learn how to code, if you committ to showing up every day.

You deserve the support of a mentor, especially once you call them several times and choose not to take no for an answer.

You deserve what you’re willing to accept as your capacity.

You deserve every moment you can stretch into and claim as yours.

You deserve every tech conference you sign up for even when the list of qualifications doesn’t necessarily include you.

You deserve to write shitty first drafts of blog posts, if only to convince you that shitty first drafts are better than never starting at all.

You deserve the world, and everything it has to offer. But to get there you can’t ask for permission to be yourself. You jsut havve to take your right to be here.

You just have to know that you, yes you, got this.