#NaPoWriMo Day 12


good enough

the words sit in the back of our throats

we disguise it as wonder

we disguise it as fear

it’s this one question

that always seems to be in the way

are you good enough to have him

to keep her

to embrace yourself under the most yourself during the most

dire day

this is the question i want to pose

what does it mean to be good enough?

in the space of enough

i fill up a room

crooked teeth ashy skin

rememberances of adolescence gone wrong

this is how i right it

i allow myself to take up space

in the space of good

it is an asking of broken bread

fresh baked and smelling of mornings

goodness is in the everyday small things

not in that one time when you thought you were not good enough

and chose to do the wrong thing

are you good enough?

we are enough if we allow ourselves

to fill up our bodies the rooms we move in

the circles we gather

if we allow ourselves to claim

our very precious right to be here

smelling of baked bread

another day

another chance to simply be


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