#Napowrimo Day 13:


Today I was inspired by a conversation with a dear friend.  Talking with her made me think about the loved ones who carry us and make it possible for us to be ourselves and celebrate ourselves.  Enjoy!


we talk about our son’s math exam
his next game
the other son loves his big brother
we laugh at the journey the multiple state lines
we’ve crossed the border of our family
we’ve built

but what about talking about you
today let’s forget the kids the next
sporting event the school play the caravan of kids
spilling out of the van today

you are the best thing about my day
today it is you who pulled through
allowed me to wake in a bed on the beach and be with myself
and celebrate my birthday

another year of becoming

my dear there is nothing left to talk about except
all the ways you bowl me over with your space to hold it all
the kids the games the friends the laughter the caravans
and me you did the work

made space for me

and that my dear is why
i call you

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