Today is International Women’s Day, and I’m thinking about the women who have made it possible for me to be here.That list includes coders, designers, First Ladies, close friends, my mother, writers, the late poet June Jordan and the many women I meet in technology each and every day.

It also gets me thinking about the doubt that many of us confront each and every day. Are we smart enough, strong enough, competent enough, etc. More often than not, that fear stops us from being awesome in what we were born to do.

Trust me, I’ve been there. I made a career out of public speaking and getting on stage. When I first started, I was so afraid of risking my heart and sharing my work as a poet and spoken word performer, or just telling my story as an immigrant woman who defied cultural expectations.

I also know the other side of that fear–standing on that stage and soaking in what I was born to do. It’s pretty amazing.

So, this Women’s Day I’m challenging myself to choose rejection over fear and do it anyway.

What scares you in your work? How does it stop you from creating each and every day? Are you afraid to say, draw, design, create, make a mistake? Let’s make this the week we do it anyway.

Each day this week, I’ll post my “fear” and how I’m choosing to let it go and create anyway. Who’s with me?

How will you let go of fear this week?  I’d love to know in the comments.


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