what we know

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#NaPoWriMo Day 15

what we know


what we know
we know each one of us
was born to do something
tell a story in a way only we can tell it

we know spending time at the ocean
kicking off shoes smelling like sand and sea
only gives us the fuel to go after that thing
we were born to do

we know there will be questions
we will wonder if we were meant to be the ones
to do the telling
after all there must be someone else who
can do it better

we will compare ourselves
take notes wonder why we don’t just get on with it
and forget about this born to do thing and just start doing

and we know that one day we will wake
understanding that everything led up to this moment
and that yes we were born to do just this
tell our mother’s stories and our father’s failures
and recount the bowed heads of so many regrets in our blood line
but we will open our eyes

and realize
that we certainly do know
that we yes we
will summon the courage to do what we were born to do
so that we do not lived bowed or bowled over
from too many shoulda couldas we will simply have
done it
won’t that be something

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