Uchechi Kalu, poet and entrepreneur

photo credit: http://www.maricofayrephotography.com/

Mini Bio:

An award-nominated Nigerian poet, web designer, speaker and entrepreneur with geographic connections from Nigeria to Mexico,  Uchechi Kalu has become a strong voice in the community of global African writers. She studied creative writing at University of California, Berkeley, where she became a protege of the late poet June Jordan.   She is the author of Flowers Blooming Against A Bruised Grey Sky,  which was nominated for a Northern California Book Award. She has been featured on publications from Quien to Forbes, and in 2017, Kalu gave her first TEDx talk on the power of personal and professional nuances.    She is currently working on her forthcoming book of poetry (Resembling The Sea) and designing experiences for the web at Linking Arts Web Design,  She has been described as exemplifying the definition of a poet offered by the famous poet Hafiz, as “someone who can pour light into a spoon, then raise it to nourish our beautiful parched mouths.”   You can connect with her on Twitter, FB, Instagram. Listen to Uchechi Kalu’s poems on Soundcloud  and Uchechi Kalu’s Patreon page