"When we share our stories we let the light in, and give others permission to stand in it with us."

  • “Suheir Hammad, Ruth Forman, and Uchechi Kalu are being hailed as voices of a new America!”

    - Hedgebrook Residency For Women Writers

Starting Up Is Like a Roller Coaster - So Fun & So Damn Scary

Welcome to my online home!

I write about starting up,  weddings, user experience design & anything that has a great story.

In 2012, I got engaged and what started as a wedding planning app to plan our wedding turned into a company co-founded by me and my husband. Since then, we’ve been working our butts off to launch wedocracy.com into the world. I decided to create this site so I could blog about my journey as a tech startup Co-Founder & CEO.

This is also where I share my poetry & ux design inspiration.

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